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Places in Nashville Where Fury Friends are Approved!

Where do you bring Fin the pup and what part of town will we be in?

Whether you are trying to get breakfast, a taco or a stein of ice cold beer, we've got you covered with the top list of Nashville pet friendly places. The recommendations below are all fan favorites of mine, with or without my furry friend. You get a ton of variety, quality portions, and delicious options for food or beverages. Not only does the food hit the spot, but the vibe and atmosphere are pretty awesome, to say the least!

Send me a picture of you, your furry friend, and your address. I’ll send you something fun for your next adventure with your pet! (

Tacos…. Velvet Taco (Midtown)

In the heart of Midtown, amongst the hustle and bustle of bachelorette parties and music slammin’ party buses is an impressive and unique taco shop. The vibe is explosive with good music jammin’ as you walk in! They have a covered patio for your pet and are always looking to give a pat on the back to your pup. The food is amazing and they combine a modern culinary approach with your classic taco proteins. My favorite thing to do right now is hang with my dog and enjoy a chicken and waffles taco on the patio. If you haven’t had that taco before or if it's of the slightest bit of interest, you MUST go try it as soon as possible - you won't be disappointed.

Beer…. Von Elrod’s (Germantown)

Von Elrod’s is legendary when it comes to beer, location, vibe, and ultimately a massive patio style approach perfect for your pet. Sitting outside of the main entrance to The Nashville Sounds Stadium and across from a major apartment complex, you always have a great size crowd from open to close. Germantown natives are always bringing their furry friends to play with others and it's a great place to keep yourself entertained with games like hook and ring and cornhole. Your pup will enjoy a fresh bowl of water upon entry and you get to fill those hands with a stein of frosty, ice cold beer!

Pizza…. Nicky’s Coal Fired (Nations)

Pizza, Pizza, and Pets - what a combination of two things most humans on this planet adore! Nicky’s has a patio that sits back from the corner of an intersection where you can relax and people watch when your pet isn't getting all of your attention. Sharing a complex with Frothy Monkey and Southern Grist, you get a combination of great places all in one spot! If you haven’t been there, you can't go wrong with St. Pasquale. Also, it's in the Nations and who doesn’t love the Nations!

Burger…. ML Rose (Sylvan Park)

This patio is amazing! They have a gas fire pit with a rocking swing chair, cornhole, massive tv’s so you don't miss the game, and artificial turf to give it a rural feel. If you don’t run into some other furry friends, I'd be shocked - so prep your little buddy to hang with his new pals! They have an amazing selection of burgers with multiple different options. The El hombre is by far the best burger they have. Two smashed patties, bacon, cream cheese and jalapeno jelly from Nashville Jam Company - mouth watering!

Tacos, Breakfast Tacos to be exact…. Red Headed Stranger (East Nashville)

East Nashville brings a distinctive approach to many culinary delights, but how Red Headed Stranger puts a spin on breakfast tacos is out of this world. I mean come on, they make their own tortillas and have a Dr. Pepper Sauce that packs a major punch of flavor. Whether you like your breakfast tacos traditional or unique, this is the place to be!

BBQ…. Martin's Bar-B-Que Joint (West End)

Martin’s BBQ over off West End gives you the best of both worlds. You get amazing BBQ and when I say BBQ, they also sell brisket! You get a great patio that isn’t jam-packed like their downtown location. The service is amazing, they bring your food to the table and ask how they can assist further in a meaningful tone. I had 3 different people say hello to me as I walked from the register to the bathroom, which isn’t the kind of experience you get at most restaurants. The whole experience was impressive and the quality of food along with a great space to bring your pet makes this location a no-brainer if you are looking for BBQ and a solid hang session with your dog!


Jim Morris

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