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Events you wish you didn't miss - February 2022 Edition

Events, Events, Events!

The word just makes me smile! As most of you know, I enjoy events more than anything. The uniqueness and opportunity to create experiences that are unforgettable is why we gather people together. The main goal of events (if you really think about it) is to provide an experience that you can share with members of your community in a comfortable setting with people of similar interests or tastes. I am writing this blog to share with you my true thoughts and feedback on the events that I attended this February 2022, here in Nashville. Keep in mind that over the years I have been laser focused on narrowing down the list of events to ensure I was efficient in attending events that were valuable. Not all events are created equal :)

Get ready for the review, because these are some kick ass events!

February 2022 Events:

I had the opportunity to attend 4 events in February and was delighted with the attendance, variety, uniqueness and quality. I gained several connections, had multiple one-one meetings, and planned some double dates as well as a few cigars at the Red Phone Booth

Network Under 40 (NU40)

Network Under 40 is exactly what it entails in the name. Young professionals in age and career. Their website describes them perfectly ”We understand that we live in a connection economy and the foundation to success in career and personal life hinges on genuine relationships with real people” This event was at an amazing venue near centennial off west end. Fable Lounge hosted about 60 people with varying backgrounds, tons of personality, and a willingness to connect and meet new people. They had an amazing opportunity to take photos with a backdrop as you walked in. Before entering the lounge as I walked in there was someone presenting to a highly motivated and attentive crowd. They were educating the group on the power of networking and how their app made it easier to connect and break the awkwardness of introducing yourself and seeking common ground. Drinks were flowing in a fast paced manner, waiters and waitresses immediately approached me and offered a selection of beverage choices. The event was a success and the energy and kindness of the attendees made it easy to pop into several circles and meet some new friends. I would definitely recommend attending their next event in March and bringing a friend!

IG handle: Networkunder40

Business Bonding Beer (B3)

B3 is hosted every month at The Rudder in Hendersonville. What an amazing and cool place to relax and meet some new folks. B3 was started by 3 amazing guys who have made it their motto to provide a setting in which you are in a comfortable environment with some heavy hitters! They spell it out perfectly on their instagram “Connecting like minded business professionals in a relaxed environment.” They provide a light spread of food and ordering drinks takes 2 minutes at most! There were 3 people I had one-on-one meetings with from their event and it was a great opportunity to catch up with 2 other friends. There were all different types of industries in attendance and I only recognized 2 people from their last event that I attended. If you are looking for an amazing event in Hendersonville to count on each month, I would recommend connecting with B3. Follow them on Instagram for updates on their next event!

IG handle: b3_business_bonding_beer

Bring Your Own Business Card (BYOBC)

Bring Your Own Business Cards is an amazing group of repeat and new community members seeking to grow their network. As they advertise on their instagram, BYOBC is “An Intentional Networking Experience!” This month’s event was at Sambuca in the Gulch. As you enter the venue, there is a table where you can put a stack of business cards as well as familiarize yourself with who is in the room. It's a great way to be intentional immediately by grabbing someone's business card of interest and seeking them throughout the crowd of attendees. There was a core of business minded folks chatting it up with friendly smiles and about 50 people in attendance. The event continues to grow and there are rumors of plans to grow it in other areas of middle TN surrounding Nashville. I'm excited for their growth and eager to attend multiple events a month in different communities! You definitely want to follow their instagram for future events and future growth plans!

IG handle: byobcnetworking

IMPACT Social Events

IMPACT Social Events throws a monthly networking series called “Network Not Normal.” The events each month signify doing things a little different than your normal networking event. They had a 360 camera with props, a backdrop, professional photographer, and did a signature champagne toast. They hosted it at Love and Exile in East Nashville and it was really cool to see the camaraderie of each attendee as everyone toasted together! If you are looking for something a little different with a hip vibe, then I would suggest attending their monthly events. Follow them on Instagram to attend their next event at Game Terminal on March 31st.

IG handle: @IMPACTSocialEvents

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