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Best Views of Downtown Nashville, Close to Downtown Nashville

Views, we want views!

You may or may not know, but one thing that Nashville provides as an emerging major market is an ample opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the city with diverse locations for the best view! From cell phone towers to hotel rooftop restaurants, there are a variety of offerings. Below are 5 of my favorite locations to admire the city, in both day and nighttime settings.

2213 Summit Ave Cell Tower

This is a hidden gem in Nashville and not many people are aware of the million dollar view that it brings. You are looking back at the city from the northside and the nighttime views with the lights are amazing. This is a great location if you are looking for privacy and calmness. You won’t hear the noise of cars buzzing by and the secluded feel really makes it special. Every time I have been at this location, I have never seen another group of people or others admiring our wonderful city, which makes it just that much more special.

Fort Negley

This location provides an amazing view point of the city. Although you are close to interstate 65, this is still a unique place to catch a wonderful view of the city. It's a quick hike (paved) to the top from the below parking area and isn’t taxing on the knees making it easily accessible for all types of folks. The coolest thing about this location is you get to gain a piece of history and understand what it was originally used for and during what time periods. There are educational signs that portray the history and tell the stories of Fort Negley. You can also see the Major League Soccer Stadium if you look the opposite direction of downtown Nashville. This is a must see experience, accessible for families and a great location.

John Seigenthaler Pedestrian Bridge

Also known to locals as “The Pedestrian Bridge,” this location gives you an amazing look back into the city at Broadway. City lights are unique to look at considering many people refer to Broadway as a mini Vegas or Nash Vegas. You also are standing over the Cumberland River so you can see the barges, boats, and kayakers cruise through the open waters as they enjoy the riverfront access and calm Cumberland River waters. As you look opposite of Lower Broadway, you find an amazing view of Nissan Stadium that is home of the Tennessee Titans and CMA fest. Be sure to check out 4th of July fireworks from this location as they are typically set off on a barge on the Cumberland close by. My advice would be to set up early and claim your spot!

Love Circle

Love circle is a great place to relax and provides a unique view of Nashville. The park is considered small in diameter and circumference but man, does it pack a punch when it relates to an amazing view of the city. Entrenched in the community surrounding Vanderbilt University, it has a delightful rural feel with big city views. This is considered a small escape from the urban city lifestyle and visited by many people locally and traveling alike. It is called ”Love Circle” for a reason.

JW Marriott

As many people know, the JW properties by Marriott are usually their top tier properties and a large part of their brand. The JW Marriott in Nashville portrays those exact things and provides a luxury view of the city. You can see midtown, North Nashville, SoBro and Lower Broadway from their rooftop restaurant. The bar area is enclosed with removable windows so you can experience the view with fresh air in the warmer months while having a cocktail or enjoying dinner. If you want a bougie experience when sightseeing or city view chasing, this is your go to place. Also, they have amazing food and an award winning chef, so definitely plan on trying out the JW!


Jim Morris

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